Another major focus of our activities is he supply of components, spare parts and equipment to shipping companies, shipyards and ship chandlers. Electrical and electronical equipment, components and spare parts for winches, cranes and main-and auxiliary engines form part of our range of production. In this segment we are also able to supply products manufactured as per the requirement of our customers, such as Contact sets for contactors, switches and controllers.

Shipping & Shipyard

Switches and contactors

  • circuit breakers
  • tax shooter
  • emergency switch
  • interlock switch
  • switch disconnectormMotor protection switch
  • proximity switch
  • position switch
  • control switch
  • star-delta switch
  • sagittarius
  • auxiliary contactors
  • coupling contactors


  • timing relay
  • monitoring relay
  • overload relay
  • overcurrent release
  • time counter


  • fuses
  • fuse links
  • connectors


  • signal lamps
  • lighting

Installation material

  • terminal strips
  • terminal blocks
  • terminal covers


  • semiconductor devices
  • semiconductor diodes
  • rectifier diodes
  • rectifier sets
  • thyristor modules


  • transformers
  • rotational resistances
  • sheet resistances
  • varistors
  • capacitors
  • cam switch
  • pulse generators
  • rotary indicator
  • impulse generator
  • tachometer generators
  • speed ​​monitors
  • assemblies and devices for automation
  • thermostats
  • pressure indicator
  • push button
  • transmitter
  • flow controller
  • spare parts for all devices listed above
  • spare parts for electric motors and generators
  • spare parts for crane systems

This list contains only a selection of products that we can offer. You don’t find what you were looking for? Contact us.

Here you can find an extract of our current product range:

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