Custom made

You are looking for electrical components or spare parts individually made for you, or those not sold anymore by manufacturers or wholesalers? Please contact us! We will check, if we are able to offer you these goods as special makes according to old item numbers, type numbers, samples or dimensioned drawings.

The products listed below can be manufactured according to customer requirements. All we need is a detailed drawing or a sample. The offer is made on the basis of the dimensions and material specifications specified by you and in accordance with the technical feasibility.


  • industrial carbon brushes
  • carbon brushes and sliding contacts
  • lubricants
  • brush holder
  • current bands
  • earth straps (round + flat)
  • slat strips
  • cable lugs
  • special parts made of square material
  • copper bars
  • contacts
  • switch contacts (contact sets)
  • contactor contacts (contact sets)
  • spiral springs
  • compression springs
  • contact springs
  • tension springs spark chambers
  • measuring coils

This list contains only a selection of products that we can offer. You don’t find what you were looking for? Contact us.

Here you can find an extract of our current product range:

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