In the industrial sector we especially supply electrical equipment summed up under the headings: Protection, Switching, Breaking as well as equipment for power distribution, control and automation, sensoric systems, connecting materials etc. Companies active in the production of steel, chemicals, recycling and power plants are included in our list of customers.

Devices and components for industrial applications

  • low-voltage switching technology for all industrial application areas
  • sagittarius
  • coupling contactors
  • auxiliary contactors
  • relays (timing relays, monitoring relays, overload relays, coupling relays, etc.)
  • accessories and spare parts for contactors, auxiliary contactors, etc.
  • fuses and fuse links
  • soft starter
  • direct starter
  • reversing starter
  • motor starter
  • interface / electronic modules
  • electric motors
  • engine management and control units
  • logic modules
  • safety relays
  • command and signaling devices (pushbuttons, indicator lights, etc.)
  • transformers
  • installation technology
  • automation and power distribution technology
  • connection materials (current strips, cable lugs, etc.)
  • capacitors
  • resolver
  • impulse generator
  • speed ​​monitor
  • transmitter
  • spare parts for all devices listed above (if available)

This list contains only a selection of products that we can offer. You don’t find what you were looking for? Contact us.

Here you can find an extract of our current product range:

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